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CÎME L’Huile by CÎME - "This is such a versatile product! It has so many uses that I can find a way to incorporate it into almost every step of my routine. I have really dry skin and bad eczema on my hands during the winter, and I find mixing this with my normal hand moisturizer helps to boost the moisture and nourish my skin even more! I have also been using it mixed with my face moisturizer and love how I get a nice hydrated glow without the oil feeling greasy or too heavy! I have also been using it on the ends of my hair and on my cuticles and have been noticing a difference! I would highly recommend this product!"

Alex on Mar 14, 2022

CÎME Recette de Pureté Oil cleanser - "This oil cleanser is so pleasant to use. It spreads easily, is very effective at removing even the stickiest mascara, and rinses away with almost no residue. The pump and packaging work well with no messiness, it is very refreshing to have discovered this product! Thank you!"

Emily on Feb 04, 2022

CÎME Under my Skin Repairing day & night cream - "I love this moisturizer! It smells so natural, goes on smooth and skin is so soft feeling."

Christine on Jan 24, 2022