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Recommended home spa combo - Tomhan Wellness

Recommended home spa combo


This combo contains:

How to use the combo to indulge in an at-home spa experience:

You can use Magnificent Mandarine as a body scrub and as bath salt:

  • As a body scrub: Use as a body scrub to stimulate circulation and remove dead skin cells, resulting in soft and rejuvenated skin. How? Massage gently on moist skin with circular motions. Rinse off.
  • As bath salt: Treat yourself to a revitalizing and detoxifying bathing experience. How? Add a handful of the salt crystals to your bathwater.
  • Secret beauty hack: The ultimate body scrub - sprinkle a few drops of the beautifying dry oil l’Huile by CÎME on a handful of salt crystals for silky soft skin with a natural glow.

Give your hands a few moments of time-out with this hand cream: Enriched with apricot kernel oil and aloe extract - this lightly textured cream penetrates the skin easily and nourishes and protects the hands from damage around the clock. Moreover, it repairs dry and damaged skin.

Organic and natural. Not tested on animals. No parabens, no (synthetic) perfume, no phenoxyethanol.

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CÎME, Vegan, Organic, CÎME Skincare, Non-GMO, Cruelty-free

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